Venue Policies

In an effort to ensure the safety and quality experience while at Bright Box, all patrons must follow the following house rules:

All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be made unless the show is postponed or cancelled by the artist or the venue. If you are asked to leave the premise due to not following the house rules, you will not receive a refund or credited for your ticket(s).

No Jerseys
No Plain White T’s
No Cut Offs
No Tank Tops
No Sweats
No Backpacks
No Face Coverings

Bright Box is a black box theater, meaning from night to night the layout of the venue will change depending on the type of entertainment. This means some shows will be all standing, while other shows may be all seated, or there may be a mixture of the two. Due to the intimate nature of the venue, all seated shows are first-come-first-served for seating and we recommend arriving early if you would like a seat/table/stool. Moving and grouping of tables for general admission shows is not allowed *unless you have reserved a “VIP Experience” through the venue.

Bright Box is a weapons free facility. No guns, knives, or other objects that can be used to harm other attendees are permitted on the premise. Certain performances will require metal detection and a bag search prior to entering the premise.

Any behavioral issues will result in immediate removal from the premises without a refund, along with possible banning from attending future events or shows at the venue.

All bags and persons are subject to search while on the premise. Failure to consent to an inspection will result in denial of entry to the venue without a refund.

Bright Box is a non-smoking facility, which includes vaping devices. Bright Box offers a gated area just outside of the front doors where guests can smoke/vape.

Taking amateur pictures, videos, and audio recordings of entertainers is typically permitted during performances but is based on the preference of the entertainer. If no media is allowed to be taken during a performance, it will be communicated to attendees at the start of the show.

By purchasing a ticket to attend a performance or event at Bright Box, you are consenting to having media taken of you and possibly used for Bright Box promotion/publicity purposes without consultation or compensation. Requests to have an image removed that includes you can be made to management.