Hosting COVID-Responsible Shows & Special Events at Bright Box

Whether Bright Box is hosting your birthday party, wedding ceremony or reception, or corporate event, our team at Bright Box prides itself on the friendliness of our staff and attention to cleanliness of the venue to ensure our clients have the best possible event. Although COVID-19 has thrown the entire entertainment industry into flux, Bright Box is continuing its dedication to customer service and cleanliness of the venue in order to keep our doors open and help our clients make beautiful memories.

Precautions Bright Box is Taking Due to COVID-19

1) As done before and after every special event and show prior to COVID-19, the venue is thoroughly cleaned.
2) Hand sanitizer is available throughout the venue for patron use.
3) Face masks are mandatory for patrons & staff during shows (except while eating/drinking) and encouraged during private events.
4) Physical distancing is strongly suggested for those individuals not amongst your household or quarantine circle.
5) Capacity has been reduced for both private events and shows to allow for ample space to distance.
6) All ticket purchases for shows that are canceled or postponed are refundable. A flexible reschedule policy is also in place should you need to postpone your event due to Covid.


5 Simple Steps to Booking your
COVID-Responsible Event at Bright Box

By following these simple steps, your friends, family, and coworkers can plan a memorable and safe event:

1) Have a group of 75 or fewer friends or coworkers ready for a good time.
2) Take a super cool tour of our beautiful venue without leaving your seat – HERE.
3) Complete and submit an online event form with your desired date/time for the event and basic contact information. We’ll get in touch with you within a few hours.
4) Select from an array of tasty food & beverage options for your party.
5) Communicate COVID precautions to your guests ahead of time to maximize your fun and minimize the risk of spreading COVID.


Looking for more ways to help Bright Box through these challenging times?