Crimson, White, and Indigo Ball – A Grateful Dead Tribute

Crimson, White, and Indigo Ball – A Grateful Dead Tribute

  • Time:08:00 pm


Join us for an evening of Grateful Dead covers by 3 talented bands: Sacred Groove, The Window Panes, and The Road:

THE ROAD (Washington, D.C.)

The Road plays jammin’ classic rock with a heavy emphasis on Grateful Dead and Grateful Dead-related material.  While not strictly a Dead tribute band (they’ll slip in the occasional contemporary jam tune or maybe a jazz standard here or there – just to make sure everyone’s paying attention), that familiar sense of adventure permeates their performances and is always good for a fun night of dancin’.

The Road is a socially-conscious band, playing many fundraisers and shows in support of local and national causes over the past five years.  Come on out and see what happens when “the music plays the band!”

The Road is John Leary – Guitar & Vocals, Chuck Caspari – Guitar, Mark Sherman – Drums & Vocals, Tom Phillips – Bass & Vocals, and Art Schmalz – Keyboards & Vocals.


The Window Panes are more than just an acoustic rock/jam band from Winchester, Virginia.  They are passionate musicians, who have honed their craft and enjoy nothing more than sharing their talents live, on stage.  The band members write and compose a substantial portion of the music they perform; often times reflecting on personal experiences that have touched their lives.  Their personal connection to the music translates into a solid performance with every song; invigorating, enveloping, and embracing their audience.

Members of The Window Panes also share a deep love of Americana/Folk Rock/Jam Bands/Psychedelia forms of music.  Influences on the band, which can often be heard throughout their performances include: the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Keller Williams, Indecision, the Rolling Stones, and many others.  While the band enthusiastically enjoys covering such notable artists, they are far from simply being considered a cover band.  Unless they are specifically performing at a Grateful Dead tribute event, you will more than likely hear several original compositions from the band during any given performance.

The Window Panes are David Drew Porter – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, Paul Morgan – Bass & Vocals, Chris White – Lead Guitar & Vocals, Vince Diem – Mandolin & Vocals, and Dan Sutter – Drums/Percussion.

SACRED GROOVE (Martinsburg, WV)

Sacred Groove is a recent project initiated by regionally-renowned funk and jam band artist, Luke Johnson.  Their performances are filled with the authentic keyboard stylings of the Grateful Dead from the 70’s and 80’s, with the vocal familiarity of the band from that same era.  Harmonies, tasteful instrumentation, spot-on syncopation, and musical inspiration can be heard throughout their performances.  Simply stated, Sacred Groove is classic rock in the infectious style of the Grateful Dead and many other great bands sharing the milieu.

Sacred Groove is Luke Johnson – Keyboards & Vocals, Jeff Kaufman – Guitar & Vocals, John Quintanilla –  Bass & Vocals, Chris Crawford – Drums, and Tommy Frederick – Percussion & Vocals.

Advance – $15

Day of Show – $20