Bright Box Street Team




Bright Box has established itself as the most exciting and unique small music venue in the Shenandoah Valley, with a diverse program of bluegrass, blues, rock, Americana, comedy, drag performances, folk, and more. We’ve also been earning an excellent reputation for our craft beer and liquor offerings and creative menu options.

From reggae to indie-folk, Bright Box has brought some of the most original music to the region and has plans to bring even bigger names to our stage. But we need your help in spreading the word about Bright Box and our upcoming shows. Here’s your chance to be a part of the coolest music in the Valley!

We greatly appreciate everyone who assists in adding value to both the venue and the talent that plays at Bright Box and hope that you’ll join the Bright Box crew!



We’re looking for friendly, personable, outgoing, and self-motivated music lovers to join our Street Team. The whole essence of our Street Team — what separates us in a world of growing online and digital promotions —  is the personal element. We engage with other people, transfer enthusiasm, and build community — all in person. The power of a vocal community to amplify our message and spread it to an audience can rival digital marketing in ways that will never fully be replaced.

There is no formal experience required, but a positive attitude and a desire to share the good vibes that great music can bring is a must. Individuals should possess some knowledge of their local terrain and have an interest in rebuilding and reshaping the regions musical landscape. Street Team members must also be knowledgable of the venue, upcoming shows, what we offer (food/drinks, private parties, etc.), basic contact information, and so on.

You must have some availability on busy evenings in Old Town (Friday Night Live, Bluemont Concert Series, Apple Blossom Festival, etc.) and weekend evenings to help us promote events and create a good atmosphere. This could include, but may not be limited to, flyering, hanging posters in strategic locations, making posts on various social networking sites, talking to patrons, and spreading the word about events and the venue.

Good communication is key. Providing Bright Box with feedback about audience responses, marketing techniques that worked, and your overall promotional experience will help us improve upon our Street Team strategies and make the experience all the more enjoyable.


Specific Street Team Assignments may include:

  • passing out flyers:
    • on the Old Town Walking Mall before a show or on busy evenings downtown
    • during big events in Winchester (Hop Blossom Craft Beer Festival,  Blues House Festival, Apple Blossom Festival, etc.) or neighboring towns
    • after a show at another venue (if you’re attending the show, skip the encore to set up outside and be ready for people leaving)
    • at music festivals
  • dropping off a small stack of flyers in highly visible spots where they’re likely to be picked up (college campuses, record stores, etc.)
  • hanging up posters in strategic locations (coffee shops, hotels, etc.)
  • posting about upcoming events on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

A Note About Flyering:

It is of utmost importance to ALWAYS be friendly, enthusiastic, polite, and respectful. Not everyone will be interested and that’s perfectly fine.

When passing out flyers the passive stand-there-quietly-and-try-to-be-ignored loses half the value of being there. Make eye contact and have something simple to say while educating folks about all the great entertainment Bright Box has to offer. “Awesome shows coming up at Bright Box!”, could pique a passer-by’s interest and get them excited to take a flyer instead of breezing right past you.



As a team member of Bright Box you’re associated with helping to bring in some of the hottest entertainment to the Valley and exposing the area to some amazing artists! You’ll be gaining valuable experience in music promotion as well as directly supporting/contributing to the local burgeoning art and music scene! Additionally, in appreciation for your help, Street Team members qualify for:

Free Tickets to upcoming Bright Box events!* Each two hour shift gets a free ticket. Use it yourself, or give it away to a friend.
Discounted Food! Get 1/2 off your food whenever you visit Bright Box. Come hang out with us!
Parties! As a Bright Box Team Member you’re invited to staff parties.
Free Festival Tickets! You may even find yourself attending some of the area’s largest music fests on us! Pass out flyers at these festivals and enjoy all the great things the fest has to offer.
* Some shows may be excluded


Sound cool? Contact to join our team!